August 21, 2017

Our First Tooth & Hiking Mount June

It's been quite the week, Bubba! Monday night you were up three times in one hour and then about every two hours after that-- it was rough.

Someone decided to feed Gandalf some strawberries.

Tuesday morning while I was feeding you, you bit me! That was a first.

We went to the library for story time. You really enjoyed interacting with another little girl, the two of you kept trying to touch each other-- it was super cute! I tried making friends with a few other mom's but they weren't interested in talking with me-- it made me feel really sad. I'm grateful that God put you in my life so that I always have someone who loves me by my side.

This is what we call Goku hair and I love it!

Later in the afternoon we went to visit Barbara and you bit my nose and it really hurt! Barbara said it could only mean one thing and she was right-- you started cutting your first tooth! You tooth was barely poking through your gums. I'm guessing that tooth is the reason you were up so much the night before.

Getting ready to go for a car ride.

On Wednesday I felt like I needed to get out of the house. I called up my friend Sarah and we got together to hike up the backside of Mt. Pisgah with her and her little boy, Ike. Ike rode in the stroller and eventually the trail got too rough to push the stroller so we ended up turning back. One of these days we will make it up the backside of the mountain.

Saturday morning we woke up and did some chores before heading out to climb Mt. June. The mountain was relatively close to our home, but the road to get there was super windy gravel road. I'm surprised that we made it to the trail head without getting a flat tire or high centering the car. We only saw two other vehicles while we were on this treacherous road.

On our journey we came across some huckleberries which was both a welcomed surprise and concerning. We love huckleberries and typically when people find them they don't share the location so we were surprised when we found them. We were concerned though because huckleberries also mean bears.

We started out hiking through a pretty wooded area. As soon as we started hiking I sensed darkness and it made me feel very uneasy. I said some silent prayers that we would be safe and immediately started singing. Whether the danger was seen or unseen I will never know, but I'm glad we were kept safe.

The trail was very pretty! There were rhododendrons, wild raspberries and ferns all along the path. At one point the trail became very steep, but it didn't stay steep for too long. I'm glad that Andy offered to carry you, Bubba.

The view from the top was pretty! There is a wildfire burning in one of neighboring towns and we could see it from the summit. When the smoke started blowing our direction we decided we better head down the mountain. 

Another "clown outfit" by Dad.

That face!

I feel blessed to live in such a beautiful part of the world! We are so fortunate that we don't have to travel very far to enjoy God's creations.