June 8, 2017

Satan's Counterfeit

I have heard it said many times that you can buy anything. I had never really given this idea any thought until recently and as I thought about it I had a major revelation. I felt kind of dumbfounded and wondered why I had never had this thought before. The realization was simple and clear as day to me.

What I realized was this:

Satan wants so badly for us to believe we can buy anything, but the thing is you can't buy the things that matter most in this world. You can't buy love, it's counterfeit is lust. You can't buy health, it comes from good lifestyle choices (healthy food, adequate sleep and exercise). No amount of fad diets, quick fixes or surgery will change that. You can't buy family, friends, confidence, self-worth, knowledge, happiness or even a testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

All of the things that truly matter in life are the result of hard work and making good decisions and these things can't be bought.