June 12, 2017

Bubba's 6 Month Check Up

This past week was a difficult one, Bubba. On Thursday Mommy took you in to see you new pediatrician for the first time, this was also your six month check up. Mommy was impressed with the new doctor and felt like the visit went well. The nurse gave you two shots at the end of the visit and we headed home.

Things seemed okay in regards to your vaccinations. On Saturday though, it was like a switch flipped. You cried and you cried and you cried. You cried all night Saturday, I think Daddy and I got a total of three hours of sleep that night. Mommy called the triage nurse on Sunday and she had us take you in to urgent care.

The doctor at urgent care was really nice. He noticed that your leg had swelled up and that there was a large lump under the skin when you pushed down on the leg. He suspected you were upset because of your shots but didn't seem overly concerned.

Today your pediatrician called to see how things were going. Mommy told him what had gone on, he explained that the nurse hit a blood vessel while giving you your shot. The blood leaked out the vessel and collected (it's called a hematoma)- that's what the hard lump in your leg is and the source of your discomfort. He said the pain should subside soon but the lump itself can take a month to go away.

I know that shots are essential to keep you from getting debilitating diseases. Hang in there little one. I'm so sorry you are in pain. Hopefully this next week will be better.