June 25, 2017

An Answered Prayer

Back in January, Bubba had a seizure and we spent several days in the hospital with him. Some time after his stay in the hospital, we received an explanation of benefits in the mail from the insurance company saying we should expect to receive a bill from the hospital and we were going to have to pay several thousand dollars for Bubba's visit. I remember when that piece of mail came, my heart just sank.

Then another piece of mail came saying the doctor had asked them to review everything they had done for Bubba and they were going to cover things. Well time went on and we never received a new explanation of benefits or a bill. I began to wonder how things were going to pan out. Were we going to have to pay this large sum of money to the hospital? Was the insurance going to cover it?

I decided it was time to put my mind at ease and called the hospital to see what was going on. The gal on the phone had a hard time figuring everything out on our account and sent it in for review. The next day I received the dreaded call, the worst was confirmed we were going to have to pay several thousand dollars to the hospital.

About the same time the bad news came, our financial situation changed and we lost about a third of our income. We began praying to Heavenly Father that somehow we might be able to pay this bill with our now much smaller income.

Within a few days our prayers were answered and we managed to come up with just enough money to pay the bill. There is no doubt in my mind that the Lord heard and answered our prayers. God is real. He is there. He is merciful. And He will answer your prayers too, if you turn to Him.