June 19, 2017

Our First Tumble

Andy and I go berry picking several times each year. We like to pick about 40 pounds of each kind of berry (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and occasionally marionberries and chesterberries). You might be wondering what we could possibly do with that much produce. We freeze the majority of it and use it throughout the year to make smoothies, pancakes, we put it on top our ice cream and cereal and sometimes we just like to eat frozen berries.

Mommy & Bubba.

Strawberries recently came on at our favorite farm and with the crazy weather we have been having we weren't sure how long the berries would be around. We decided to get up early Saturday morning and go picking. We brought Bubba along with us for the adventure and figured he could sit in his Bumbo chair.

As soon as we put him in his chair he started trying to put anything and everything he could get his hands on in his mouth. We quickly realized that we needed to change something, we decided to put his chair on top of a container we brought to put berries in-- bad idea. Bubba decided to lean forward really hard to try and get a hold of some grass and he toppled over forward and landed on his face-- he was still buckled into his seat. He let out quite the wail. Aside from bruising his face, he was okay. We are super grateful that he didn't get hurt worse.

First time eating a strawberry.

Owie near his eye.

After Bubba's tumble. we decided it would be best to take turns holding him. One of us would hold him while the other one picked berries. I tried holding Bubba and picking berries at the same time, but each time I would pick a berry, he would pick a leaf and try and put it in his mouth.

I think it is safe the say that strawberries were a hit with this little boy.
We ended up picking 46 pounds of strawberries. These by far are the sweetest berries either one of us have ever tasted.

This photo was too cute not to share.