January 16, 2017


Has is really been 8 weeks already, Bubba? I can't even believe it! Somehow we have survived all of the late night feedings, poop rockets, pee attacks, plane rides, the hospital and inconsolable crying. It's been rough at times, but we've done it!

This past week has been more of a week of transition since coming home from the hospital. We've gotten you back into your "normal" sleeping and feeding routines. This week you actually let Mommy and Daddy get some things done. We set you in your rocker and as long as you could see us, you were content- it was awesome!

For me the highlight of the week is YOU and your smiles and cooing. Your favorite place to be besides Mommy and Daddy's arms in your changing pad. You love looking up at the light. You kick your legs, smiles and coo - it's super cute! You're just so happy when your on your changing pad that is makes Mommy and Daddy happy too!

Daddy & Bubba.

We sure love you Bubba! Our lives wouldn't be complete without you!