January 23, 2017

A Bunch Of Firsts

Bubba, you are 9 weeks old today! I know I say it every week but I just can't believe it!

Aubri (the neighbor) is getting ready to go on a mission and she loves babies. Apparently missionaries aren't allowed to hold babies, so she is trying to get her baby fix in right now. She texts Mommy when she is free and then you have about an hour long "date" with Aubri. This has been a win-win for both parties. Aubri gets to hold you and Mommy has been able to go to the gym, I even snuck out on a date with Daddy.

I don't know how or why but you decided to start taking naps, this is amazing! I have been able to catch up on a little sleep myself, make dinner and bake cookies. The downside to you taking naps is that you have been up more at night, I haven't decided if I like this trade off yet.

You went on your first walk in the stroller this week. It was pretty cold out but we kept you covered. You didn't seem to mind riding in your stroller.

I'm not sure when you're really supposed to start doing this, but you learned how to roll onto your side and you also learned how to scoot off of your changing pad. Speaking of your changing pad, it is your favorite place to lay. You like to look up at the ceiling fan and you coo up a storm.

You also pooped in Dad's hand. Daddy was changing you and you decided to surprise him by pooping in his hand- it was awesome!

We sure love you Little Bear!