January 17, 2017

Life As A New Mom

I often see pictures of new moms online with their hair and makeup done, cute clothes and a smile plastered on their face. Their baby is dressed in a super cute outfit and they have created the illusion that life is perfect, wonderful and awesome!

As a new mom, I find myself scratching my head. How are these women doing this? I've decided that they must be magicians or have a lot of help at home.

Dear Magician Mama's, 

Andy and I don't live close to family and our friends live about thirty minutes away (we recently moved). During the day Andy works and I find myself struggling.

I struggle to get decent sleep at night- Bubba's gotta eat. And when he decides he is awake for the day, he intends to stay awake. I know people say to sleep when he sleeps- he doesn't like to sleep. As soon as you set him down his eyes pop right open and he is ready to be up.

I have two goals everyday: shower and eat three meals. I meet my goals nearly everyday but it is a struggle. Some days my shower is literally 2 minutes. By the time I am finishing up in the shower Bubba is wailing. I pick him up (wearing only my towel) and put him on his changing pad so I can get dressed. Forget drying my hair, I'm lucky if I even brush it. Makeup? Forget about it.

Cooking is pretty much nonexistent, I find myself eating whatever is quick and easy. I really miss being able to cook healthy and delicious meals.

How about my wardrobe? Funny you should ask. You see I recently had a baby and well my body isn't the same, so none of my clothes fit. It's sad I know. With a new little baby and medical bills coming in, I just don't have the time or money to spend buying new clothes. Thank you Andy for sharing your closet with me! Sorry if your clothes forever smell like baby throw up.

As to my baby's attire, he pukes and poops pretty much all the time. His clothes don't stay clean for very long and that's okay.

To you magician mama's out there, please cut the rest of us mama's some slack. We're just trying to survive. Some day the newborn phase will pass and I may look well rested, fed and presentable but until then please be patient with me. Or better yet please come and help fold the mountain of laundry that is growing by the day, prune my bushes or hold my baby so I can get a little sleep. Please and thank you!


A Tired New Mama