August 3, 2015

Weekend In Review

This past weekend was a lot of fun. Friday night I surprised Andy by taking him to a Filipino restaurant, he didn't know that there were any Filipino restaurants in the area. He absolutely loved the food. It sounds like we will be eating there in the future

After we ate, we did a little thrift shopping at Goodwill. We found some awesome stuff! More to come on that in a later post. I'm seriously thinking about starting a section called 2nd Hand Finds. What do you think?

Saturday we worked out in our garden and shared our spoils with some friends. Then we went and picked up 65 pounds of tomatoes from one of our favorite fruits stands. What does one do with 65 pounds of tomatoes?  Can them of course!

We also found our local library and got library cards. I am super excited about the library! This is probably the biggest public library I have ever been to. I think we will be frequenting the library from now on. Yay!

We did a little more thrift shopping and Andy found a great deal on some stuff for an upcoming adventure.

The evening ended on the couch, cuddled up watching a show.

Sunday was great! We started the day off going to church. I love going to church, I always feel uplifted when I am there and I leave with a desire to be an even better person.

We took our usual Sunday nap and spent the evening talking with family and canning said tomatoes. We canned 31 quarts of tomatoes. Kinda crazy, I know