August 18, 2015

Anne Frank The Diary Of A Young Girl

When I was growing up I remember taking home Scholastic book order forms. I was always so excited to take the order forms home. I loved to read and was excited to learn what new books had come out.

One of the books that always seemed to be available for purchase was Anne Frank The Diary Of A Young Girl. History was my favorite subject and I loved reading journals, I couldn't wait to get my hands on a copy of Anne Frank, but for some reason it never happened.

This year I decided was the year that I would finally read Anne Frank. I checked the book out from the library and began reading the book I had wanted to read as a child.

The book wasn't at all what I had expected. To be honest I was really disappointed and disgusted with it. I'm really glad I didn't read this book as a child and I don't think it will be one that I allow my future children to read someday.

I had thought that the book would be about World War II, what was going on, and how scary it was to be in hiding. The book had a little bit of that in it, but mostly it was full of talk sexuality, how much she hated her family, how she couldn't stand the people they were in hiding with, and how she was superior to everyone.

Why this book is famous, I will never know. Would I read it again or recommend it anyone else? NO WAY!