August 3, 2014

You Ask Why I Follow Jesus?

At church one Sunday the teacher handed us some bookmarks with the poem below on it. I really like this poem, the words resonated with me so I thought I would share it.

You Ask Why I Follow Jesus?

You ask why I follow Jesus?
Why I love him the way I do?
When the world's turned away from His teachings
And the people who serve Him are few.

It's not the rewards I'm after
Or the gifts that I hope to receive
It's the Presence that calls for commitment
It's the Spirit I trust and believe.

The Lord doesn't shelter His faithful
Or spare them all suffering and pain, 
Like everyone else I have burdens, 
And walk through my share of rain.

Yet He gives me a plan and a purpose,
And that joy only Christians have know,
I never know what comes tomorrow, 
But I do know I'm never alone.

It's the love always there when you need it;
It's the words that redeem and inspire,
It's the longing to ever be with Him
That burns in my heart like a fire.

So you ask why I love my Lord Jesus?
Well, friends, that's so easy to see,
But the one thing that fills me with wonder is
Why Jesus loves someone like me.