August 10, 2014

Provo Recreation Center

I think it is safe to say I love swimming! I wouldn't classify myself as a great swimmer but I sure to love being in the water. Remember how back in December we went swimming at the Aquatics Center in Jackson? In case you missed that post, you can read it here. We had a great time swimming in Jackson and can't wait to go back.

When Provo built a new rec center complete with an aquatics center we were excited! We remembered how much fun we had in Jackson and couldn't wait to try out the new facility, this was something we had to do before we moved.

One Friday after work, we grabbed some dinner at Olive Garden and then headed to the pool. Sadly, the new facility wasn't as fun and we had hoped it would be. We went down the water slides to quickly discover there was a small space between each piece of the slide, it made for a painful ride and one time down was enough for each of us.

Next we decided to go swim some laps. I wanted swim and mile and  Andy said he would do it with me. We quickly discovered that the water was very cold. I kept sneezing because I was so cold. As you could probably guess, we didn't end up swimming our mile.

We spent some time in the lazy river but that water was pretty cold too and we could only handle the cold for so long. The majority of our time was spent in the hot tub trying to stay warm.

Swimming was a bit of a downer for us but we did enjoy spending time with each other. Hopefully we can get back to our favorite swimming hole in Jackson one of these days.