August 25, 2014

Peace Out Utah!

On May 30th and 31st some friends and family helped us pack up our apartment, loaded all of our belongings into a 26' long Uhaul, and deep clean our apartment. The landlords came and did our final inspection and we said our good byes. I found myself sitting in the front of the Uhaul with tears in my eyes as we pulled away.

I have mixed feelings about Utah and about leaving the place I called home for the last few years. I went to college in Utah, this was my first time being completely on my own. I have fond memories of my roommates (Breann, Mindy, Becca, and Nancy). I remember sharing the gospel with the sweetest girl from China, it was the highlight of my freshman year in college. I struggled for the first time in my life academically, BYU is a very tough school. I met many wonderful people and made lots of friends during my time in Utah who touched my life for the better. I met my husband. I learned to drive a tractor (yeah, I'm kind of proud of that since I grew up in the city). I was part of a great ward (Cherry Hill 7th). I had a job that I loved, where I was surrounded by people whose presence I enjoyed. I had mountains in my backyard that I could go hike and climb at my leisure and had a near death experience on the top of Mt. Timp. I had a gym and exercise classes that loved to go to. Being able to go to the temple at a moments notice was also something I thoroughly enjoyed.

At the same time leaving Utah is sort of a relief for me. One of the hardest trials in my life came about while living in Utah, I don't want to go into the details but we will leave it at- people can be really cruel. This trial is still something I am trying to work through and wrap my head around. Being away from everything and everyone involved is definitely a blessing. I don't miss all of the crazy drivers (yes, I did just go there). Blinkers exist for a reason and they don't mean speed up and don't let me in. I also enjoy being outside of the Utah "bubble." The bubble can be a good thing but at the same time it doesn't allow room for differing opinions and opinions are something I value.

One chapter in my life is closing but a new story is beginning. Stay tuned for our adventures in Oregon.