May 27, 2014

Learning To Cut Hair

For quite some time Andy has been asking me to cut his hair. Typically my response would be something along the lines of, “I don’t know how to cut hair and I don’t want to mess yours up.” To which Andy would reply, “Well, if you mess it up I can go to the salon and get it fixed.” I never liked this idea and figured I would save myself the stress and have him just go to the salon.

One day while we were visiting my brother, I decided to try and cut Andy’s hair and I did a pretty good job. Andy was very impressed and went out and bought us some shears.

The next time I tried cutting Andy’s hair, I didn’t do so well. We both ended up frustrated, I cried, and he ended up going to the salon. The gal at the salon told him all I had to do was blend his hair, otherwise it looked great. Too bad I didn’t know how to blend his hair.

I decided to see if my neighbor Brooke (she went to hair school) could teach me how to cut his hair. Brooke agreed to teach me one evening and I have been cutting Andy’s hair ever since. I so glad I learned this useful skill, it saves us almost $200 a year.