May 10, 2014

Conference Weekend

Conference weekend was a busy one for us. On Saturday Morning Andy’s parents and little bother came to visit. We started the day off drinking green smoothies. Andy’s dad was too afraid to try the smoothie; he doesn’t like to eat veggies. More for me, yay!

After we finished our smoothies, we hopped in the car and headed to the Y for a short hike (it’s 3 miles round trip). Before we made it to the first turn Andy’s mom said, “I can’t do it, you guys go on.” The boys responded by saying, “No, we will wait for you.” At every turn this conversation seemed to repeat itself. Eventually though we all made it to the top of the Y. The view from the Y was so pretty. We all sat there for a while and watched the storm clouds roll in. This brought back memories of hiking Timp.

As we were hiking down the mountain it started to snow and the trail turned to mud. Andy’s mom seemed scared by the storm clouds and snow and booked it down the mountain, I haven’t seen her move that fast before. I laughed most of the way down the mountain; I had never hiked in the snow before and found it comical. I don’t know how we manage to do it but it seems like Andy and I always pick the best days to go hiking (just kidding about that, we always hike when the weather seems to be abnormal). By the time we reached the car we were all covered in mud.

What do you do when you are covered in mud? You go to Red Robin for lunch of course! That is precisely what we did. Andy and I both love Red Robin; the Burnin’ Love Burger is our favorite.

The rest of the day was spent running errands and just hanging out.

Sunday Andy and I slept in, made pancakes, and watched Conference. The pancakes were the best pancakes I have ever eaten! They were so fluffy and delicious! You can find the recipe here. Conference was really good too! In case you missed it you can watch it here. My favorite talk was Elder Uchtdorf’s Sunday morning talk about gratitude. I loved all of the uplifting and inspiring talks! Conference gives me time to reflect on my life and it motivates me to be a better person. I absolutely love Conference!

*Andy's dad took photos of us hiking but he hasn't e-mailed them to me yet, when he does I will post them.