May 11, 2014

Feelings Of Peace

As I mentioned in this post, I went through a point in my life where I was surrounded by toxic people. These kind of people and the bad environment really took a toll on me and my husband.  My husband and I made the decision that we couldn’t be around those kind of people and subject ourselves to the toxic environment. As part of this decision I made a job change and we quit spending time with certain people.

One day I was looking at a friend’s blog and she posted the following quote.

For some reason that quote hit me and I realized that I am not the only one who has struggled being around toxic people. This quote also helped me feel peace with the decisions we had made to remove toxic people and toxic environments from our lives. Once we started to remove the toxic things in our lives, life became a lot more peaceful and enjoyable.

With the big move looming in front of us, we decided to make one last attempt to build some bridges with the previously mentioned toxic people. We wanted to feel that we had done everything in our power to make the relationships better before we moved. With the help of a counselor we were able to sit down and try to work through some of the things that had been toxic to the relationships. I was terrified each time we walked into one of these meetings, knowing you’re going to have to share your inner most feelings with someone who has wronged you is a scary thing. Each time I have come out of one on of these meetings I have felt heard and like people were willing to try and change. I know that we have done everything we can to make things better. Time will tell if our efforts were worth it, but right now I feel at peace.