June 23, 2014

Easter Weekend

On Saturday April 19th, we drove out to Andy’s parents for the Easter weekend. We wanted to make one last trip out there before we move. Shortly after we arrived at the house, a neighbor knocked on the door and informed us that the field next to the house was on fire.

Earlier in the week Andy’s family had purposely burned the land. The fire started out as a controlled burn but quickly got out of hand and ended up burning over 300 acres. At one points Andy’s grandpa (who was in a tractor) was completely surrounded by the flames. He ended up driving the tractor through the flames in an attempt to save his own life. He was very lucky that the tractor didn’t catch on fire and he survived.

Once we were told that field was on fire, we all hopped in a truck and headed down to the field with gloves and shovels—we didn’t want to repeat what happened earlier in the week. The first wasn’t too big and we were able to put it out pretty quickly. Then Andy’s dad drove us around the property to show us everything that had burned two days before. It was pretty bad, not sure how many years it will take for everything to grow back.

Later that night we tried shooting Andy’s little brother Shaun’s bow and arrow. Andy and I both lack in archery skills.

Shaun practicing shooting with his bow.

Andy trying his hand at shooting.

The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing and playing games.