October 7, 2013

MHS Fundraiser

Madison High School in Rexburg was recently rebuilt and relocated. As of right now, the high school does not have a football stadium. Julie (my step mom) was in charge of a fundraiser to earn money for the new stadium. For the fundraiser she organized a flag football tournament, Blister's BBQ came out to barbecue, and bounce houses were set up for the kids to play in. I was asked to come up and make balloon animals. How can you say no to making balloon animals? So, we made another trip to Idaho.

Making balloons was a lot of fun. I even taught Andy and Oscar how to make balloon flowers, both of them have some talent.

When I went to buy the balloons I needed for the event, I noticed some tattoo mustaches for sale and I could not resist buying them. One night Russell said that he wanted a mustache. Our first attempt at applying the mustache did not go so well. We made a second attempt and had success. Unfortunately, the mustache was too big to fit in between Russell's nose and lip so we cut it in half.
Mister Mustachio

Russell rode back with us to Utah. During our drive back we stopped to get some food. As we were waiting for our food, Russell walked up to an old woman who was waiting for her food and he said, "I have a mustache." She seemed to be caught off guard by this comment, she laughed and said, "Yes you do." Russell responded and said, "If you come to my house, we can give you one too." By this time, the old woman really didn't know what to say. All she could do was laugh. By the time our food was ready a crowd had gathered around Russell to admire his mustache.