October 18, 2013

A Creature Comes To Visit

At the beginning of August one of my sisters came to visit us. I felt bad that Andy and I both had to work while she was in town. As soon as we would get home each day, we would go do something fun with her.

One night we went bowling at BYU and then we went to the Creamery. We had a lot of fun! I have to admit that my bowling skills were not with me that night.

Sadie and I making "The Face"

Everyone in my family can make the ugly face in the picture above--we like to call it "The Face."

One night Sadie and I went to a Relief Society Activity. The theme for the activity was Favorite Things. Sadie and I really enjoyed getting to know the sisters in my ward better, while exchanging our favorite things with them.

The highlight of Sadie's trip for me was doing Zumba. For the longest time I have tried to get Andy to go to Zumba with me and he would always tell me that we should play racquetball instead. I would typically respond to him by saying I will play racquetball with you if you will do Zumba with me-- for some reason he would never take me up on this offer.

While Sadie was visiting, Andy said he would go to Zumba if Sadie went too and if I played racquetball with him at a later date. Sadie laughed and said she would go so we could see Andy do Zumba.

The three of us went to Zumba and we had a really good time. I really enjoyed watching both of them dance. I was really proud of both of them for trying something new.