October 9, 2013

Graduation & Boating

On July 23rd we made another trip to Rexburg. Julie graduated from BYU-Idaho with a Bachelors Degree in Communications. I am so excited for her! Graduating is a really big accomplishment.
Dad, Julie, and Russell

I really liked the speakers and the messages they shared of hope for the future. I especially liked the talk by Elder Robert C. Gray. My summary of his talk would not do it justice, but you can listen to it here.

As Julie walked across the stage she received the biggest round of applause complete with horns and confetti.

Russell was very excited to play with his "clapper" and see his mom make her big walk.

After graduation we went back to the house and Dad put on a huge fireworks display for everyone (if they lived inside the city limits the fire works would have been illegal). I enjoyed watching Dad light the fireworks with a torch, it was quite the sight.

The next day we went boating on the Ririe Reservoir with the Ibarra cousins. When we first got to the lake I asked Russell if he wanted to go on the inner tube with me and he told me no. Later in the day he said he wanted to go, but he said that Dad had to "use the little motor" (trolling motor). He also said that Dad had to go really slow. Dad kind of laughed but consented to Russell's requests. I'm not sure if Russell had ever been on the inner tube before, but he did really well. I look forward to more tubing adventures with him next summer when he is a little older.

After Russell's tube ride the real fun began. Dad really know how to make people hold on for dear life. 

Russell enjoyed driving the boat. Dad would tell him what way to turn the wheel and he would do it.

That night we drove home. On our way back we stopped in Blackfoot to visit Auntie Jo Anne. I just love Auntie Jo Anne, she is so kind and sweet and she reminds me of my Nana. It made for a late night drive but was so worth it.