March 26, 2020

In The Toilet

Bubba is potty trained! Woot! Woot! He's been fully potty trained for a few months now. I'm so proud of him! It's nice not having two kids in diapers, plus it saves us some money.

Yesterday, first thing in the morning Bubba went in to use the bathroom. Daddy and Bear were with him. Using the bathroom is sometimes a family affair around here.

We taught Bubba to sit down when he pees (Mom win). He had just gone potty and was still sitting on the toilet. He reached to flush the toilet and at that precise moment his toy train car, Annie fell into the flushing toilet. I was in the next room over and heard Bubba go ballistic and Andy told me what happened.

I called and talked with my Dad briefly, my brother used to flush everything down the toilet as a kid. My Dad thought that if we took the toilet apart we would find the train.

We said a prayer that we would find Annie and then I asked Andy to take the toilet apart. He took the toilet apart alright and there was no train car to be found. Bubba was devastated. For him, it was like watching his best friend die and not being able to say good bye.

A look of defeat.

Snuggles for Mom.

We've been quarantining at home and I knew I had to go to the hardware store to get a new wax seal so we could put the toilet back together. I opted to run into the grocery store really quickly on my way to the hardware store to see if they might have anymore Annie train cars for sale. Luck was on my side, there was one left on the shelf. I grabbed that thing and quickly got myself back into the car and sanitized.

Bubba was so happy when I got home. He kept saying, "Annie went down the pipe. Annie's going to be fertilizer." "Mommy, you brought me a knew Annie."

Bubba's new Annie to give you an idea how big this train car is.


Annie is still stuck in the toilet somewhere. Our toilet won't flush and overflowed this week. We haven't figured out how we are going to fix it yet.