March 28, 2020

In The Toilet: Round 2

It was almost like watch the scene unfold in slow motion a second time. Once again Bubba found himself sitting on the toilet-- this time though it was the master bathroom toilet (it's his favorite place to take care of business). Some toy cars were scattered on the floor, this tends to happen as the day goes on, we pick them up every night before the boys go to bed.

He had just finished using the bathroom. He was sitting on the toilet and he reached back to flush it. Bear was standing nearby. Bear picked a toy car up off the floor. Ran full speed ahead to the toilet and he chucked that toy car in the toilet faster than I could stop him.

Thankfully this car was a mini and it went down without a hitch. Poor Bubba though, he cried and whined all day for the yellow Dinoco car.

We are now working on teaching Bubba to shut the door when he uses the bathroom so that brother can't throw more toys down the toilet.