October 10, 2018

A Much Needed Break

We have been working really hard around our house trying to finish up a huge list of things before Andy's surgery and before baby #2 makes its debut. When we learned that Andy was going to have a four day weekend, we knew we needed to take a much needed break.

Friday was dedicated to working on projects. And Friday night was dedicated to going on a date. We went to a semi-haunted corn maze. The theme for the maze was Harry Potter. We came across a few dementors and Andy cast a patronus charm to get rid of them. After getting severely turned around in the maze we pulled out the map so we could reach each of the different check points.

When Dad lets you run around with a $3 price tag on your head.

Saturday morning we watched General Conference. I love General Conference. I look forward to hearing from the leaders of the Church and receiving a spiritual boost. We had heard rumors that church might be shortened to two hours, we were really surprised to learn that the rumors were true. We are looking forward to the two hour block, having a young child at church for three hours on Sunday has not been an easy thing for us. We are looking forward to spending more time together as a family on Sundays.

After the morning session, we hopped in the car and headed to the coast. We took Bubba to see the Yaquina Head Lighthouse and the tide pools during low tide. He wasn't really interested in the light house or the tide pools. He was really excited though to throw rocks into the ocean that was his favorite part. He got upset when we had to leave and kicked his rain boot into the ocean, thankfully Andy was able to retrieve it before it was sucked out to sea.

Tide pool.

The next morning we took Bubba swimming in the hotel pool, he absolutely loved it! Then we took a nap as a family and decided to go hiking in the rain. We had heard there was a really cool hike (Drift Creek Falls) near Newport and figured since we were out there, we might as well try it out. The hike was 2.5 miles round trip. We hiked through a beautiful forest, crossed a suspension bridge and saw a waterfall. Andy and I loved being out in nature and crossing the suspension bridge. Bubba's favorite part was the waterfall, he kept pointing and saying, "bubble." Right now he says bubble anytime he sees water.

I love Andy's facial expression in this photo.

Monday morning we went to the aquarium, once again it was raining. We thought Bubba would love the fish, sea lions and otters, but we were wrong. He loved playing on the playground in the rain and pointing at the cutouts in the floor at the shark exhibit and saying, "bubble." He had a great time and that's all that matters.

These piranhas were a sparkly gold color, so pretty!

He is always climbing on something.

Then we began our journey back to Eugene for an OB appointment. As we were driving though the farmland we passed a barn that had a big sign hanging on it that said, "If you're pregnant, it's a boy." I started laughing and told Andy that apparently we are having a boy, when I told him why he laughed too. Time will tell. We are really just hoping that delivery goes smoothly and baby arrives safely.

Doctors appointment went well, got a few shots. Other than that not much to report.

On our way home we stopped at the pumpkin patch to pick out a few pumpkins. Bubba enjoyed riding in the wheel barrow and was really interested in the tractors. As for the pumpkins, he wasn't very interested in those.

As for General Conference, I did listen to a few of the talks while we were on our trip. One talk given by my favorite apostle really resonated with me. I don't want to say which talk it was or who the apostle was, just that I have been going through the hardest trial of my life for several years now and this apostle's words echoed the things I have been dealing with. It was nice to hear words on a topic that is so seldomly addressed. As to President Nelson's challenge to the women of the Church, I think it's wonderful and I am super excited! I can't wait to finish listening to the rest of the messages.