July 30, 2018

Swimming & Produce Picking

Friday Andy got off work a little early and it was hot so we decided that it would be fun to go swimming at Fall Creek Reservoir. I called up my friend Sarah and she met us there with her kiddos. We enjoyed swimming in the nice cool water and having a picnic dinner.

Our Saturday we drove up the river to our favorite blueberry farm. The berries were ripe and ready to be picked. Bubba wasn't very interested in picking blueberries, he was interested in picking up sticks and putting them in the garbage can. One of us would keep an eye on Bubba and the other would pick. We set out to pick 50 lbs of berries (that should last us a year) and we came home with just shy of 50 lbs.

That evening we went to a member of our wards house to pick apples, I think we came home with close to 100 lbs of apples. We plan on juicing the apples and canning the juice. You can probably guess what we will be doing this next week.

Some other photos from the week:

Bubba painted his entire body with avocado chocolate mousse.

We canned a lot of pickles.

I think he looks like Christopher Robin in this outfit.