July 7, 2018

June Highlights

Looking back, June was a busy month for us. We started the month off picking strawberries at our favorite local farm. Bubba loved picking strawberries! By the time we were done picking, he was covered in strawberry juice. We came home with over 50 pounds of berries in just two hours. We froze the berries and intend to use them the rest of the year in smoothies, pancakes, etc.

I found these markers that only work on special paper (they can't draw on wall or furniture-- that's a win for me) and Bubba drew his first picture.

Andy's grandparents came up from Utah to visit us for a few days. We enjoyed taking them around to see the sights. It's always nice when we get get to spend time with them.

Bubba stole Great Grandma's curler, Daddy thought it would be fun to put it in his hair.

I took Bubba up the river to the fish hatchery one afternoon. He loved feeding the fish and watching them splash and jump to get the food.

We also went to the summer reading program kickoff at our local library. It was incredibly hot that day, Bubba enjoyed splashing in the fountain and stomping his foot to the music.

Somehow we even managed to sneak a hike in. We went hiking at a place called Shotgun Creek, it was created back in the 70s and is a hidden gem that has been more or less forgotten about. We loved hiking on the trails, picking huckleberries and playing on the big toy. We hope to go back again and hike some of the other trails and swim in the swimming hole.

Andy and I went on a mini golf date, it was good to get out just the two of us. Andy barely beat me, someday I may actually beat him.

Don't let the furrow brow fool you, he loves watering the plants.