July 8, 2018

4th of July

We had made plans with some friends to do a 4 mile walk on the 4th of July. A day or two before the 4th of July our plans fell though and we were left wondering how we wanted to celebrate. We decided to go to a parade in a small town nearby, unbeknownst to us some of our other friends were doing the same thing. When we found out we were both there, we got together and enjoyed the parade as a group.

What was unique about this parade is it takes place in a small farming town and they like to celebrate the way the 4th of July was celebrated 100 years ago. The parade started with a whole bunch of old cars, cars that came out before the Ford Model-T -- it was super neat to see, I love old cars. Bubba loved collecting candy and waving at all of the cars that came by.

Steam powered.

This is the biggest tractor I have ever seen.

We picked up some fireworks on the way home and lit them off at dusk for our neighbors. Bubba liked most of the fireworks but occasionally he cried because he didn't like one of them.

I made ribs for the first time using my sister's recipe, they turned out so good! I also made butternut squash mashed potatoes, so yummy! We took some food to an elderly sister at church, she was so grateful for the food and company. Always act when you have a prompting, you never know whose life you'll touch.