February 19, 2018

Mister Explorer

It has been snowing on and off for the last day and a half. While the snow hasn't accumulated, it has felt almost magical watching it fall. It doesn't snow very often in Oregon, when it does though, it is simply beautiful!

As you may have guessed, the weather changed on us. That nice warm weather we were enjoying has all but disappeared. I'm cuddled up with a fleece blanket dreaming about hot chocolate and warm summer days.

This past week was full of all kinds of new adventures for you, Bubba. The week started off with you learning how to unlock and open the dishwasher. The next thing I know you have learned how to climb up onto the door of the dishwasher and have figured out how to pull the top rack out. Gone are the days of doing the dishes while you are awake. I grabbed some painters tape and taped the dishwasher shut, it will have to do until I can pick up some locks for it.

Not too long after the dishwasher incident, you learned how to open the oven. I think I will be picking up locks for it too.

And then, you discovered you could use the pillows in my room as a ladder and you climbed up onto the chest in my bedroom. You fell off twice and I caught you, but you still cried.

You are quite the explorer. I'm dreading the day you decide to try and climb out of your crib.

Mom, I can't get my shirt off.

We went on several walks through the neighborhood. Each time we got near the park, you would scream with delight-- you wanted to play and like a good mommy, I let you. You aren't a bit fan of the swings, you still cry when I put you in them. You love the slide though, you squeal with delight each time we go down it together. You also enjoy pushing the garbage can lid open and closed-- you are a funny boy!

One day there was another little boy at the park playing, you thought it would be fun to pet his head like a dog--he was confused. I thought the whole scene was super funny!

Yesterday Daddy had to work so you and I went to church together. For the most part, you did okay. I decided to take you to Nursery second hour so you could play. The ladies serving in Nursery let me take you in as long as I stayed with you. You absolutely loved it! You played with toys, ate snacks in a big boy chair pushed up to the table and we sang some songs. You really enjoyed being around other little kids your own size. I think in a few more months when you are allowed to go to Nursery all by yourself, you are going to love it!

*Note* The red mark on your nose is an owie. You fell face first walking down the neighbor's driveway.