February 27, 2018

A Heavy Heart

My heart is really heavy tonight, Bubba, it is taking a lot to hold back the tears. My Nana isn't doing very well. In fact, she hasn't been doing very well for a long time. She is in a lot of pain and our family suspects that her time on Earth will be coming to a close soon.

The tears are streaming down my face now...

Nana has been like a mom to me for the past 15 years. She is someone that I look up to, admire and seek advice from. Saying goodbye see ya' later will not be an easy thing for me. I know that it is for the best that she is relieved of the physical pain she is in, but it doesn't make saying good bye any easier. I suspect that she will be close by me throughout the rest of my life and that brings me comfort. I will always hear her voice in my head saying, "Love you my girl." It is more comforting though, to know that I will see her again. I am go grateful for the knowledge I have of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, specifically that families can be together forever.

I'm glad that you were able to meet Nana last year. I hope that you will have a relationship with your Nana and Papa like I have with my Nana.

I suspect that you can sense I am upset because you cuddled with me this evening for nearly two hours and didn't want to leave my side. Or maybe it is because you fell and hit your head/face really hard in the neighbors driveway and you need to be held as much as I do. Either way is fine with me, I just love you. I hope someday you will understand how much I love and care for you.