February 5, 2018

First Time Playing Outside

Well, I already shared how awesome Monday was. Thankfully, the rest of the week went much better than that.

The weather has been exceptionally nice lately. We were able to get out and go on several walks. You know what they say, sunshine is good for the soul!

Bubba, you finally cut that tooth that has been trying to come in for about a month now. You officially have four teeth on top and four teeth on bottom. Before we know it you will be cutting molars.

We spent most of Saturday working outside in the yard. We mowed and edged the grass, we pruned the bushes and raspberry plants and we planted some flowers and more bushes.  Bubba, you enjoyed playing in the grass and mud for the first time. You walked all over the yard and up and down the sidewalk. You enjoyed carrying rocks around and watching the chickens in their pen.

Silly Daddy, socks goes on feet not hands.

In other news, the chiropractor wants you to be in their next commercial. I'm not sure when that is going to happen but I think it's kind of exciting news.