December 11, 2017

Cooped Up Inside

We've been cooped up in side for awhile, Bubba. It has been incredibly cold, by cold I mean the highs are in the 30s and the lows are in the 20s, add in the humidity and it's COLD! We have spent most of the past week inside. I keep wondering where the rain is. Usually, it rains a lot in the winter and we can at least get outside and walk because it's warmer, but this is not your typical Oregon winter.

Aren't they cute?

That smile just melts me.

Hi Mom.

One day I decided to put your stuffed puppy on your toy racecar and drive it around the house. Almost instantly you decided to chase after the puppy. It's super cute and fun to watch!

You also figured out how to get into the drawer in our entryway table. You pulled out the garage door opener and opened the garage. You are one smart little boy!

Cottage cheese is my favorite!

The highlight for the week was going to the ward Christmas party. We ate food, learned to hula and I sang with the Young Women. We wanted you to sit on Santa's lap but the line was really long and it was bedtime for you. Maybe we can get you on Santa's lap before Christmas gets here.

As far as development goes, you started cutting your third tooth. This tooth is on the top. You have been a little grouchy because of it.

We sure love you little bug! You light up our world!