December 4, 2017

Bubba's 1 Year Checkup

Two big things happened this week, Bubba, the first was that you had your one year checkup with the doctor. You are growing and developing just as you should. You weigh 19 pounds and 12 ounces and you are 29 inches tall (these measurements put you in the 20th and 30th percentiles).

I felt bad when it was time for your vaccinations, you got 5 and were not happy about it. I don't blame you, I probably wouldn't have been very happy had it been me getting the shots.

The other big thing that happened is we decided to try out a new sleep training program. Daddy and I have been feeling so worn out and we can't keep going off such interrupted sleep. My friend told us about a program called Taking Cara Babies. We have done two days so far and we are incredibly tired, but you are sleeping so much better! We will see what the next few weeks hold for us. This program has a 98% success rate after two weeks. We are keeping our fingers crossed!

The weather has turned cold and wet recently so we have been spending a lot more time inside.

Daddy went and got us a Christmas Tree. My one request was that he bring home a Charlie Brown looking noble fir. He came home with a noble fir that was about 14 feet tall, it touched the top of our vaulted ceiling. He said all of the trees were the same price regardless of size and he picked out the best looking one. I had him but the bottom of the tree off to make it shorter-- it looked a lot better that way.

We also went to the Creche Exhibit. I really enjoyed listening to the different music groups perform and looking at all of the different nativities. I don't collect anything, but I may have to have Papa start bring a nativity back for me each time he visits another country.

Love you Bug!