May 8, 2017


Well little one, you're another week older. It's hard to believe you are 24 weeks old already. Time is just flying by!

We have decided that you have a sense of humor. One afternoon while Mommy was changing your diaper, you started peeing and laughing at the same time. You little jokester! What are we going to do with you?

On Saturday we were able to sneak out for a little bit. We went and walked on the trails at Hendrick's Park. The rhododendrons are in bloom right now and they were absolutely beautiful! We all enjoyed taking in the beauty.

We gave you prunes for the first time, your reaction to them was pretty amazing! Your arms started shaking and you grabbed the container in Mommy's hands and pulled it up to your mouth. Mommy took the container away from you and you started screaming. It was a good thing we stripped you down before we fed you the prunes because they ended up everywhere!

You officially have your first cold. Your little nose has been runny this week and on Sunday morning you came down with a cough. We feel so bad for you! We know you don't feel well. You just want to be held. We are praying you get over this cold and start feeling better soon.