May 1, 2017

Bubba's First Time Up Mount Pisgah

Becoming parents has really changed the focus of our priorities and it seems as though we will never be caught up with all of our "projects." We spent time out in the yard: pulling weeds, turning soil, putting in mulch. The laundry managed to get washed, but not folded. I keep telling myself that someday we will knock out our to do list. Someday the cars will get washed and vacuumed. Someday the garage will be organized. But for now, you are our focus, Bubba. Our world  revolves around YOU!

Sporting Mommy's sweatband.

Mommy & Bubba.

Working in the yard.

This week was a bit more relaxed, compared to the last few weeks. We went on several long walks around the neighborhood and on some of the local trails, you love going on walks.

You recently discovered your boy parts. Each time we go to change your diaper, you reach down there are grab them. Most of the time this new found routine is fine, but when you poop it's a whole different story. You and I battled it out one morning in the poop department and I think you won. Poop was everywhere: on your hands, socks and changing pad. It wasn't very much fun for Mommy.

Feet are meant to be eaten.

We introduced you to yams this week too. You love yams!

The highlight for the week though was hiking Mt. Pisgah. You have officially climbed your first mountain Bubba! We are so proud of you! Daddy helped you make it to the top (he strapped you to his chest and carried you 3.3 miles). You looked around all the way up the mountain and decided to sleep on the way down. We are looking forward to the changing weather so we can spend more time outside, hiking and climbing.

Bubba & Daddy.

Family photo.

Those eyes.

The view from the top.