May 29, 2017

Living Life

As I think back to this past week, it's kind of a blur. Life is CRAZY right now! We have so many unfinished projects, it is ridiculous! It seems like every day something breaks or a new project seems fall into our laps. We are struggling to find a balance between: sleep, work, exercise, becoming entrepreneurs, being parents, personal time, cars breaking, church responsibilities, family time, yard work, house work and our many other projects- you get the idea. Some days I am so stressed, I just cry. I wish I could wave a magic wand and have things done and finished. Someday, maybe I will feel like I can breathe again. For now, this is what we call living life and it's really hard.

A chicken coop- it's in progress.

This is our washing machine, it started leaking oil on our clothes.

The highlight for you this week Bubba, is that we discovered your ticklish spot (your thighs). And boy, do we love to tickle you!

I love how his face is framed in this photo!

Bubba's first picture, it looks kind of like a boat.

And we put a bowl on your head, that was pretty funny!

Even though you can be a handful at times, we sure love you!

I love my little bear cub!

He brings so much joy into our lives!