April 3, 2017

Andy's Birthday, Color Me Rad & General Conference

It's been a very long and tiresome week, Bubba. The week started off with celebrating Daddy's birthday! We had pizza, Mommy made cupcakes that turned out terribly (sometimes that happens) and we rented a movie. It was the perfect little celebration for your Dad. We sure love him!

Mommy found this picture on Daddy's phone. Apparently he likes to put garbage on your head. What are we going to do with him?

Later that night Daddy started feeling sick. He went to work the next day and came home early because he felt so sick. He ended up staying home the rest of the week.

For some reason, you decided it would be fun to be up every hour of the night while Daddy was sick and you are still on this party all night kick- it's been awful! I'm not sure how many more days like this we can handle. We feel so worn out and tired that we can't even think straight. We are in survival mode at the moment.

Back in January Mommy signed us up to do the Color Me Rad Race and it happened to fall on the same weekend as General Conference and at the same time as Daddy's illness. We figured since we had signed up for it, we might as well do it.

You're such a good little eater.

You just love that rice cereal.

We ran and walked the 5K with our friends Kirsten and Jonathan and their family- one of their little girls was having some hip pain hence the walking. Honestly, it was really nice to get out of the house, get some fresh air and enjoy the sunshine. We put the rain cover on the stroller and buckled you in. We enjoyed watching your eyes get huge as people threw color on the stroller. Eventually you got bored and fell asleep.

At the start of our run.

Look at those big eyes.

Andy and Bubba.

Andy, Bubba & Me.

The Party Crew!

Congrats Bubba! You completed your first race! Before we know it, you will be running 5K's with your own two legs- please don't grow up too fast!

We grabbed some Dickie Jo's before heading home to watch General Conference.

I just love General Conference! I love listening to the Prophet, apostles and other church leaders. I always walk away from Conference feeling so motivated, uplifted and inspired to do and be better. I hope you learn to love General Conference too one day, Bubba. Living the gospel of Jesus Christ brings so much joy to my soul! It truly is the ultimate source of truth and happiness.

Also worth mentioning, you discovered your penis. You have been grabbing it during bath time lately. Daddy pries your fingers off and you try to grab it again. What are we going to do with you?

Who me???