April 24, 2017


Oh my sweet boy, we just love you! Saying it doesn't even begin to express how much we truly care for you!

This past week you decided it would be fun to scream A LOT. It didn't matter what I did, you would just scream and scream and scream. I was starting to get scared that the neighbors were going to call C.P.S. on me. And then I discovered your kryptonite: the stroller. I would put you in your stroller and as soon as we would start walking, you would fall right to sleep. So, I walked and I walked and I walked, even in the pouring rain. One day as I went to put you in your stroller, you started laughing, I suspect you knew we were going walking.

You've gotten really good at using your hands, little one. You can pull your binky out of your own mouth and have figured out how to put it back up to your mouth- you haven't mastered getting it back in though.

And those feet of yours, you love to grab them!

I think the highlight of the week though was that our little family grew. We are no longer a family of three, we are a family of seven. We purchased four little chicks, we are crossing our fingers that they are all hens. We got one Rhode Island Red, one Welsummer and two Ameraucanas. We would have bought more birds but the city and H.O.A. will only allow us to have four. Someday maybe we will be able to afford that farm Mommy and Daddy dream of having.

When we arrived at the farm supply store you were asleep, we were kind of disappointed. Don't worry, you woke up right before we left and you saw your first animals. You saw a dog, chicks and bunnies. You were super fascinated by the chicks. It will be fun to see how you take to them later.