April 10, 2017

4 Month Checkup, Illness & A Visit From Grandma

You are growing so fast little one, I can't even believe it! It seems as though it is almost a daily that you learn something new.  You have discovered your feet! You love to kick, pull your socks off, attempt to walk and bend your legs all the way up to your face - I wish I could move like that!

Mommy took you in for your four month check up and you are doing well as far as your height and weight are concerned. You are a tall little boy! 26.5 inches long puts you in the 89th percentile for height.

When the doctor asked Mommy if she had any concerns she started to mention teething, the doctor cut her off and said that he knew what she was going to say. He said that there is no research that babies feel pain leading up to a tooth coming in. He went on to say that when teenagers get their wisdom teeth you don't see them drooling and fussy; therefore, babies don't feel pain.

When Mommy mentioned that you had been up every hour lately he told her to put you in your own room and let you cry all night for 3-5 nights. He chuckled, looked at you and said, "You have no idea what we are talking about."

Mommy left the doctors office feeling pretty uneasy. She decided that it is time to find a new doctor, one that actually cares about your well being.

Daddy stayed home sick half of the week. While he was sick you decided it would be fun to keep us up all night. After several days of this Daddy decided to call your grandma to ask for advice. He told her what was going on and she said, "She wished she lived closer so she could help us" and she just bawled on the phone. The next day your grandpa called and said they were going to put your grandma on a plane to come up and help us.

In the meantime Carrie (a friend from Santa Clara 3rd Ward) came over one day and just held you. This gave Mommy a much needed break- I was able to get a shower and fold the ever growing mountain of laundry. You eventually fell asleep in Carrie's arms for about two hours, it was amazing!

Somehow Carrie holding you lead you to start taking two sixty minute naps each day, this was a huge answer to our prayers!

Your grandma got in around midnight Friday night.

Bath time with Grandma
It has been a bit of a roller coaster since you were born. You sleep good some of the time and terribly at other times. It's been nice to have the extra help, so Mommy and Daddy can get some sleep and a few things done around the house. You can tell your grandma really loves you.