October 29, 2016

Nesting + Attitude

They say when a woman is pregnant she will go through something called the "nesting phase." For most women this means deep cleaning, organizing, or decluttering something like your entire house. With all of our recent home improvement projects (patching walls, texturing, painting, repairing furniture, redoing other furniture, changing out light fixtures, etc.) I haven't exacting been able to "nest." As we finish one room, boxes get shuffled into it so we can finish the next room. Its an on going and viscous cycle that I hope ends very soon. I currently pride myself on being able to keep two rooms in the house clean: the kitchen and the bathroom.

Bye bye sea foam green bathroom. Thank you Andy!

Despite the clutter, tools, and saw dust that seem to surround me, I have found one small way in which I can nest. I have become the master at making to do lists, paying bills, filing paperwork, sorting through piles of paper, and donating things we no longer need to the local thrift store. While this may not be the ideal way to nest, it's working out okay for me.

As I was sorting through I stack of papers one day, I came across a handout I had received at church . I looked over this paper and thought to myself, "I can't throw this out, it has so much good stuff on it!" So, I'd like to share it with you- it's not your typical church hand out.

Laman & Lemuel
1:1 Knew he had “goodly parents”
2:11 Murmured against their father
2:16 Believed all the words spoken by his father
2:13 Did not believe all Lehi’s words
2:16, 19 Went to the Lord for understanding
2:12 “Knew not the dealing of … God”
3:7 Was willing to go and do what the Lord commanded
3:5 Complained that the Lord had asked “a hard thing”
3:15 Refused to return without the records
3:14 Wanted to give up after one try
4:1, 3 Knew that the Lord was “mightier than Laban”
3:31 Doubted that the Lord could deliver Laban to them

When I look at this chart one thing really stands out to me- the difference in attitude that existed between the brothers. Nephi had a can do attitude and he trusted in his parents and the Lord. Laman and Lemuel didn't trust their parents or the Lord and the two brothers were very lazy.

As I started to ponder of the lives of Nephi, Laman and Lemuel it started to become apparent to me that our attitudes can really shape the path that our lives take. Nephi tried to be the best version of himself that he could be, despite the hardships in life and the Lord constantly blessed him. Laman and Lemuel didn't really care about anyone besides themselves and they complained constantly about the hand they had been dealt in life and as a result the Lord didn't bless them. The two turned against various family members and eventually wars were started that lasted for generations. This realization was mind blowing for me. Our attitude can be a really powerful tool for good or evil. What kind of attitude do you have? Are you the type of person you want to be? Does your attitude need to change? If so, what are you going to do about it?