October 22, 2016


I have been learning that pregnancy cravings are a very real thing. Often when I tell Andy what I'm craving he laughs and then tells me that I need to make a list of everything I have craved during my pregnancy-- and that my friends is what this blog post is for.

I have had morning sickness my entire pregnancy, awesome right? Initially, I could only keep down the thing I despise- fast food. McDonald's and Taco Bell became my friends. Any sort of fruit or vegetable (things I would normally eat) would come back up. It was a tragedy!

Gradually I have been able to re-introduce most fruits and vegetables but there are still days they don't agree with me.

I have craved a wide variety of things this pregnancy and not all of these cravings have been satisfied. Are you ready for the list?

Sour gummy worms
Pineapple mango smoothies from McDonald's
Chips and cheese sauce from Taco Bell
Tater tots
Black bean brownies
Turkey sandwiches with mayo and swiss cheese (I ate them for a week straight)
Meatballs (at 5:00 am)
Turkey with mashed potatoes and gravy (in the middle of the night)
Feta cheese (not allowed)
Bleu  cheese (not allowed)
Artichoke dip
Every fast food restaurant on the block looked good one day
Green chile casserole
Taco salad
Chocolate puffy rice cereal