June 27, 2016

The Bubble Run

We did the Bubble Run a.k.a. the "Bubble Walk" with our friends Dani, Donny, and their boys this past weekend. We enjoyed walking/jogging along the paths through our local parks. Dancing through piles of rainbow colored bubbles was thrill. The company was great too!

Andy and I getting pumped!

Me and Andy.

Andy and I at the starting line.

Dani, Donny, Andy and I.

Getting excited!


Andy enjoying some bubbles.

Andy having a good time with the bubbles.

Yay for bubbles!

Me and Dani.

I've never seen so many bubbles.

Party in the bubbles!

Walking off some bubbles.

What does one do after a bubble run? Take a much needed shower and nap. Then one goes berry picking.