June 19, 2016

Raspberries & Cherries

If there is one addiction I am more than willing to feed, it is the addiction to fresh produce. Andy loves raspberries and Rainier cherries, if given the opportunity he will consume any and all in sight. The other day while looking in our freezer he noticed that the stash of frozen raspberries seemed to be getting low. I had heard about a nearby farm that has unbeatable u-pick prices and started looking into it-- the rumors were true $1.50 a pound for raspberries. Naturally we found ourselves at the farm picking raspberries. The weather was not very good that day, we said a lot of prayers that the weather would hold out long enough for us to get some berries. Thankfully the Lord was mindful of us and we came away with about 13 pounds of raspberries. And Andy left with a very full stomach.

After picking raspberries we decided to head down the way to another local farm to pick some Rainier cherries ($1.99 a pound). It took about 15 minutes for Andy to climb up the ladder and fill our bucket with about 7 pounds of cherries.

More berry picking will be in our future as the marionberries are now starting to come on.