February 5, 2016

The Boys In The Boat

I have an addiction. I have an addiction to books. I love to read! I read on my lunch break every day. If something takes me away from reading, I feel like my day has been thrown off and something is missing. I have loved to read since I was a little kid. When I was a pre-teen I created my own library at home and my siblings checked books out from me. Reading is a big part of my life. Admitting it is the first step right? On second thought, I'm not sure I'm ready to give up this addiction yet.

One night while working out at the gym a friend of mine suggested that I read, The Boys in the Boat. He told me a bit about the book and I put it on my Christmas list. Santa was nice to me this year and he brought me that very book.

Oh my goodness, this book is amazing! I had a hard time putting the book down at the end of my lunch break every day. This book is a true story and it takes place in my home state, Washington. Parts of the story even take place in my hometown. One of the addresses mentioned in the book, happens to be the same street my grandparents live on! Talk about a small world. Despite all of this, I had never even heard of the boys in the boat or the University of Washington Rowing Team.

The Boys in the Boat is the story of the University of Washington Rowing Team during the Great Depression and World War II. The story is told with such imagery that I could imagine myself being there. I could feel my muscles aching and my body sweating as I rowed with the boys in my mind. What these boys did and went through is absolutely incredible. I wish I had know about them and their journey earlier on in life, maybe I could have met a few of them.

If you like Unbroken, you will love The Boys in the Boat. It is definitely worth the read!