February 22, 2016

Hiking In The Snow

Growing up, my family liked to go snowshoeing. There is something calm and peaceful about tromping through a forest covered in snow.

A few years ago, Andy and I got snow shoes for Christmas. We were super excited to use them, but there wasn't much snow that year. The next winter came and went with the same result, not enough snow to snowshoe.

We have had an awesome winter in Oregon this year, lots on snow in the mountains and lots of rain in the valleys. On Saturday we decided to throw our snow gear in the car and we headed off to Sahalie Falls to snowshoe.

The drive to the falls was beautiful! The evergreen trees are so green right now. We started to get a little nervous as we were nearing the falls because there just wasn't a lot of snow on the ground. When we pulled into the parking lot, there was icy snow, but not enough to snowshoe. We were bummed.

Sahalie Falls.

The Falls.

Andy & I.
We decided since we had driven all that way to get to the falls, to do the next best thing. We put on our snow boots and hiked around the falls.

Check out the moss on that tree


Me (making the face) and Andy.

A hiking we will go!

It was so pretty out! The river was so blue, it was incredible!

Even though snowshoeing was a flop, we still had a wonderful time!