February 8, 2016

Date Night

This weekend we went on a double date with our friends John and Kassy. John and Andy both served their missions to the Philippines and speak Tagalog so we thought it would be fun to go to a Filipino restaurant.

When we walked up to the counter to order Andy started speaking Tagalog and the woman taking our orders was surprised that Andy could speak her language. Then John walked up and started speaking Tagalog and the lady was floored. I don't think she had ever seen a white guy speak Tagalog before. We all just laughed, it was super funny! Naturally this lead to a discussion about Andy and John serving missions to the Philippines, it was pretty awesome!

Some of the food was really good and some of it didn't agree with my palate. The company was great and we had a good time!

Afterwards Andy and I hit up Goodwill, it's just down the street from the restaurant and I scored on a new skit. Yay!