January 24, 2016

Weekend In Review

It feels like this weekend has gone by way too fast! Here is a quick recap.


We had the missionaries over for dinner. We got a new set of elders this past week, it was fun to get to know them. They both happen to be from towns I have lived in, it's crazy how small the world is. They asked our about the missionary work that we have been doing and the missionary work that is being done in the ward. Andy and I kind of looked at each other unsure of what to say. We started sharing missionary experiences we had and gave them some names of people we thought it would be good to visit with. Later they told us they were really impressed by everything we have been doing and that most members aren't that way. I was really surprised by this. For me, when I find something wonderful and amazing, I want to share it with the world. This is also true for me when it comes to sharing the gospel. I can't imagine not sharing the gospel with someone.

After the elders left, we hit up the gym for a Friday night workout. Yeah, we are those people who spend their weekends at the gym. It felt so good though to workout. 


I went to a Stake Relief Society Activity in the morning. I enjoyed the messages that were shared and visiting with sisters in my ward.

Once the activity was over, I ran to pickup a few of my Young Women. I told my girls if they read the Book of Mormon (this is for their Virtue Project) that I would take them out to eat. Two of my girls took my up on the challenge and we enjoyed our afternoon out at Red Robin.

Unbeknownst to me, Andy was hard at work while I was gone. He cleaned up around the house, planted some raspberry starts, cleaned out the garden (we didn't get this done a few months ago because the weather changed so quickly), he fertilized the grass, and he washed and vacuumed the car. I am so grateful for the hard work he put in.

There was an Elder's Quorum Activity that night and wives were invited, since he is now in the presidency we felt like we should be there. Everyone played volleyball and I watched- volleyball has never been my thing. Everyone seemed to have a great time. Andy has previously talked about how much he dislikes volleyball, but he said he actually had a good time.


Today has been a really good day. It was Ward Conference today at church. The messages and lessons that were shared were really wonderful. There was a lot of time for analysis of self and challenges to do better. The youth were super involved today too and that is always a good thing. Can I just say our stake is super tech savvy-- I was really impressed by some of the things they had setup.

The rest of the day has been spent visiting with family, resting, and preparing for the upcoming week.