January 6, 2016

More Than The Tattooed Mormon

Have you ever found yourself reading a blog post, looking at a photo, or just plain people watching and thought to yourself, "I want to be like that person" or "I wish I knew this person in real life, they would be an awesome friend"? On occasion I have thoughts like this.

I recent months, I started following Al Carraway's blog. This girl in amazing! I have been so touched by the things she shares on her blog, she is truly inspirational. When I heard she was writing a book at that it would be release just before Christmas, I was ecstatic! I put her book down on my Christmas wish list and Santa was kind enough to bring it to me this year.

Al's book More Than The Tattooed Mormon did not disappoint. I had a hard time putting the book down. The book is sooo worth the read! I feel like Al has become my BFF and cheerleader despite the fact that she has never met me and has no clue who I am. Yeah, her book really is that good! And her conversion story is pretty awesome too! *Hint Hint* Get yourself a copy and read it.