January 18, 2016

Wedding Bells

I can't believe I am saying this, my baby sister is married!

The newlyweds.

Megan & Daniel.

Brother Britt and Megan. Love them both!

Aren't they beautiful?

Mrs. Julia is sure talented when it comes to flowers.

We were able to sneak away from work for a couple days so we could be there for her big day. Everything looked so good, everyone seemed happy, and the food was delicious! I wouldn't have changed a thing. We are so happy for Megan and Daniel! Welcome to the family Mr. D!


The rest of the weekend was spent thrift shopping, eating Cafe Rio (they finally put one in where I grew up), walking on the Orting Trail, playing board games, watching movies, and we slept a lot because we all got sick.

The Orting Trail.