May 28, 2019

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend is something I look forward to every year, not because we have any particular traditions but because we get to spend an extra day together as a family. Personally, I love my family and I love spending time with them.

This year my sister Sadie, her fiance Joel and his little boy Adrian came down from Washington to see us. We took them up to Leaburg to the fish hatchery. Joel had never been to a fish hatchery before and loved looking at the fish. Adrian slept in the stroller the entire time along with Bear. Bubba loved running around and looking at the fish.


Feeding the fish.

We all pulled a joke on Joel and convinced him that the sturgeon in the big display pond were really large trout-- it was awesome!

Joel and Bubba thoroughly enjoyed feeding the fish.

We played board games, shared childhood stories/memories, ate delicious food, laughed really hard and made new memories.

We also managed to squeeze in a hike. All of us went up Spencer's Butte. This was Bear and Adrian's first time hiking. Bear wasn't sure what to think-- he slept part of the way and then he was really unhappy and I ended up nursing him on the side of the trail.

Bubba sporting his favorite "red coat."

Love this photo of Bubba and Sadie feeding the squirrel.

Sisters. People thought we were twins.

The Face-- it's tradition.

Bubba and Adrian were incredibly excited when the wild squirrels would come up and eat out of their hands. Those two little boys became instant friends, it melted this Mommy's heart.