September 29, 2018

Shout Out To Vitamix

Growing up our family had a Vitamix blender and we frequently made smoothies. Over the years my love for smoothies has grown and I basically can't live without them. Shortly after graduating from BYU I began working at Blendtec (a rival of Vitamix). I know that both machines have their pros and their cons, but I have to say I am a Vitamix girl through and through. For me it comes back to quality product, company culture and company values.

A few weeks ago Bubba was helping me make a smoothie, this is something we do often together. I turned a around for a split second and he bumped the canister to my Vitamix onto the floor. I turned around to find that the blade attachment had more or less blown out of the canister. I was crushed, my beloved blender was no longer in working condition.

I took a few pictures and emailed the company and explained what happened. They informed me that what happened to my machine was not covered by a warranty and would cost $150 plus shipping and tax to send me a new one. My heart sank when I read this because this is not something we can afford at the moment. I continued reading and the gal who emailed me said that because I was honest about what happened to my blender she would be willing to send me a new canister free of charge. Words cannot adequately express the gratitude I felt in that moment, I silently wept.

About a week and a half later my new canister arrived. Not only did this gal send me a new canister, she sent me a new lid and tamper. She went above and beyond in the customer service world, this is not something that likely would have happened had my blender been a Blendtec. I feel so incredibly blessed and my pregnant body is so grateful to have smoothies again.