September 4, 2018

A Visit From My Sister & A Weekend Of Canning

I talk to my sister Sadie quite often, she is one of my best friends. Earlier this week she called and said, "I know you guys are going to be working on projects, but I was wondering if I could come down." I jumped at the chance to see my sister. I know, I've been getting lucky in the family visiting department lately.

I had previously made plans with my neighbor Tiffany to teach her how to can tomatoes on Saturday. Friday morning we loaded Bubba and his friend Ella into the car and headed out to my favorite farms. We came home with an entire trunk full of produce (150+ pounds of tomatoes, peaches, melons, corn, etc), the trunk was so full that I had to squeeze a box of peaches in between the two car seats in the back seat.

Saturday morning my sister arrived, Tiffany came over and we got to work canning. It was a lot of work and it took us the entire day, but we all had a great time. When it was all said and down we canned 70 quarts of tomatoes. Sadie and Tiffany were surprised by how easy it is to can tomatoes. They were both really proud of their work and are looking forward to using their tomatoes this winter.

Andy, Sadie and I took turns watching and entertaining Bubba while the canning took place. He did surprising well, not having someone play with him 24/7. Andy was even able to sneak some pressure washing in.

A clown outfit by Dad as we like to call it. Bubba loves to put things in the trash! Climbing is a close second.

I'm gonna be a cowboy someday!

Do you like my fishing pole? Check out the tan line on my feet.

Last summer we started pressure washing and staining our fence, we got half of it done but the other half still needs to be finished. I asked Andy if he could try and finish the fence before the baby comes, and he said yes. Here's hoping the weather holds out long enough for us to get it done. The projects that come with being homeowners are never ending.

On Sunday we went to church and Sadie entertained herself while we were gone. After church we decided that it would be fun to try walking on a new trail, Fall Creek. The trail said it was bike friendly so we opted to bring the stroller instead of the backpack-- bad move. We quickly learned that this trail was not paved and not bike friendly unless you were on a mountain bike. Andy was awesome though and he pushed Bubba as far as he felt he could. Bubba loved off roading in his stroller. We will definitely be heading back to this trail in the future, next time we will bring the backpack instead of the stroller.

Father & Son.

After our walk Bubba and Andy decided it would be fun to throw rocks off of the bridge and into the river, they both loved it!

Sadie and I stayed up late talking, sister bonding time.

Sadie & I making the face.

The next morning she left really early, she wanted to beat the Labor Day Weekend traffic on the way home.

Andy finished pressure washing the fence. We bagged up the last of the frozen blueberries, we froze the peaches, I shredded and froze all of our zucchini and canned two more batches of salsa. It was a busy day for us. We both felt though that we are making progress and that is a good feeling.